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Obama Once Again Failed to Address His Troubling Relationship with Latinos

Obama: 'Latino political power cannot come at the expense of African Americans'

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by Latinos for Reform Chairman Robert de Posada:

"Barack Obama, during his unprecedented purchase of 30 minute program on Univision network last night, continued his effort to try to buy Latino votes. Obama took the time to continue to offer a list of empty promises, while not addressing his troubling relationship with the Latino community.

"If a Republican candidate would tell reporters that Latino political power cannot come at the expense of White Americans, the mainstream media would demand an explanation. And to add insult to injury, if that candidate would have a history of not hiring any Latinos to senior positions in his legislative offices and then had the guts to oppose trade with Mexico, Central America and Colombia while supporting free trade with an impoverished right wing dictatorship, the mainstream media would, without a doubt, label that candidate a bigot.

"Well, Barack Obama did all of the above. He has never hired a Latino to a senior position, opposes trade with these Latin American countries while supporting free trade with Africa, and told the Chicago Defender newspaper that Latino political power cannot come at the expense of African Americans. So where's the inquisitive independent media?

"Barack Obama had an opportunity to explain this troubling history with Latinos and the media has an obligation to address these issues. How can an elected official in Chicago explain why he has never hired a senior Latino in a city with over a million Latino residents?

"Why didn't Obama explain his statement that he opposes trade with Mexico, Central America and Colombia because of poor labor and environmental standards and because of human rights abuses, while supporting free trade with Africa? Is Obama insinuating that labor and environmental standards in Africa are better than in Latin America? Does he truly believe that human rights abuses in Latin America are worse than those in Africa? Please Mr. Obama, this is an insult to every American of Hispanic descent.

"Why hasn't the media exposed Obama's role during the debate on comprehensive immigration reform debate in the Senate? Every independent observer agrees that he was absent during this debate in order to not offend organized labor and the voters in Iowa. And when he did step in, Obama supported every poison pill provision to make sure the immigration bill died in Congress. For Mr. Obama, keeping the issue of political benefits of a broken immigration policy was more important than helping the millions of workers and small business owners directly affected by this failure of the Federal Government.

"Obama is spending millions of dollars from shady and fake campaign contributors including "Doodad Pro" and "Good Will" to try to buy a record with Latinos, and the mainstream media are complicit in the con job. No amount of money can send Obama back in time to address his many affronts to Latinos. Latinos need to demand answers from Senator Obama and also demand that the media addresses these issues before Election Day."

SOURCE Latinos for Reform

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