" is a log analytics platform. We offer the ELK stack, which is the most common log analytics platform in the world. We offer it as a cloud service," explained Tomer Levy, co-founder and CEO of, in this interview at DevOps Summit, held November 3-5, 201... (more)
Growth hacking is common for startups to make unheard-of progress in building their business. Career Hacks can help Geek Girls and those who support them (yes, that's you too, Dad!) to excel in this typically male-dominated world. Get ready to learn the facts: Is there a bias ag... (more)
DevOps Five Years Later: What Does the Future Hold? After more than five years of DevOps, definitions are evolving, boundaries are expanding, ‘unicorns' are no longer rare, enterprises are on board, and pundits are moving on. Can we now look at an evolution of DevOps? Should we? ... (more)
In his keynote at @ThingsExpo, Chris Matthieu, Director of IoT Engineering at Citrix and co-founder and CTO of Octoblu, focused on building an IoT platform and company. He provided a behind-the-scenes look at Octoblu's platform, business, and pivots along the way (including the ... (more)
The World's Many IoTs: Which Are the Most Important? The Internet of Things is clearly many things: data collection and analytics, wearables, Smart Grids and Smart Cities, the Industrial Internet, and more. Cool platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel's Galileo and Edison, an... (more)
"Security starts very simply at home when you're on your PC. At DataClear we thought 'How do we make a secure desktop for people and for corporations,'" explained Tony Teora, CEO of DataClear, in this interview at 17th Cloud Expo, held November 3-5, 2015, at the Santa... (more)
"Storage is growing. All of IDC's estimates say that unstructured data is now 80% of the world's data. We provide storage systems that can actually deal with that scale of data - software-defined storage systems," stated Paul Turner, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Cloudi... (more)
"The problem with IoT today is that people aren't looking to buy IoT, what they're really trying to do is buy a business outcome or trying to figure out ways to improve the business outcome. And it just so happens that IoT may be the technology that can help do that," stated D... (more)
"What is the next step in the evolution of IoT systems? The answer is data, information, which is a radical shift from assets, from things to input for decision making," stated Michael Minkevich, VP of Technology Services at Luxoft, in this interview at @ThingsExpo, h... (more)
"As a technology provider we believe that business comes first and customers should start thinking that technology is something that helps them to enable new business models," stated Ermanno Bonifazi, Founder and CEO of Solgenia, in this interview at 17th Cloud Expo, ... (more)
"We're seeing a lot of activity in IoT in the healthcare space - a lot of new devices coming in. We are seeing a huge demand in building smart offices, smart infrastructures, smart cloud applications," explained Shrikant Pattathil, President of Harbinger Systems, in this SYS-CON... (more)
"IoT is really hitting its stride. The adoption rates are increasing and Vitria is in a good position to help people deliver on the value of IoT," explained Mike Houston, Marketing & Product Marketing Professional at Vitria Technology, in this interview at @ThingsExpo... (more)
"We've made it easy for customers that want to build their own cloud infrastructure by delivering a fully integrated software and hardware in a rack," explained Stefaan Vervaet, Director of Strategic Alliances at HGST, in this interview at 17th Cloud Expo, held Novemb... (more)
"Open source is a very powerful thing and lies at the heart of most modern technology. It's useful to a lot of people and a lot of companies invest in it," stated Alex Gorbachev, President of Intelligent Systems Services Inc., in this interview at 17th Cloud Expo, hel... (more)
"We are the first enterprise class data virtualization platform. We help organizations become more resilient in the area of backup disaster recovery," explained Chak Singamsetti, Senior Solutions Architect at Actifio, in this interview at 17th Cloud Expo, held Novembe... (more)
"There's a very common problem that the enterprise data industry hasn't solved yet - as companies add data and new features into their application they add new data stores that are specialized for those purposes and it becomes an operational nightmare to manage. We think we have... (more)
"IoT is going to be a huge industry with a lot of value for end users, for industries, for consumers, for manufacturers. How can we use cloud to effectively manage IoT applications," stated Ian Khan, Innovation & Marketing Manager at Solgeniakhela, in this interview a... (more)
"We announced CryptoScript, it's a new way of programming a hardware security module, which technically requires standard APIs and very specific knowledge. With CryptoScript we hope to change that a bit," explained Johannes Lintzen, Vice President of Sales at Utimaco, in this SY... (more)
"With DevOps, with the development side and operations side, typically they worked in these vertical cylinders of excellence, what some people call silos, and what G2G3 does is we bring that together," explained Gordon Brown, Head of G2G3 Americas, in this interview a... (more)
"We have a lot of things to offer in the context of continuous testing solutions for DevOps," explained Marc Hornbeek, Sr. Solutions Architect at Spirent Communications, in this interview at DevOps Summit, held November 3-5, 2015, at the Santa Clara Convention Center ... (more)
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