JavaOne 2007

JavaOne 2007
PushToTest CEO and Founder Frank Cohen brought us up to his latest doings in this interview from JavaOne 2007. Frank will be leading the AJAXWorld University Bootcamp during the SOA World 2007 Conference & Expo at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York on June 25.
InterSystems is known for its Caché and Ensemble software. Under discussion here is another product, Jalapeño, the company' year-old Java persistence platform. Company VP/Product Development Joe DeSantis discusses recent plug-ins that were announced at JavaOne 2007.
Infragistics VP/Marketing and Product Development discusses the company's latest announcement of NetAdvantage for JSF in this interview at JavaOne 2007. This is one product in the company's NetAdvantage line, which also embraces .NET and WPF.
Sybase Tools Evangelist Jonathan Baker discusses Sybase's vision of mobility, including integrating and accessing mobile databases on any number of mobile devices (phones, blackberries, etc.) in this interview recorded at JavaOne 2007.
Perforce Software has been attending JavaOne since 2003, and initially found success with its Eclipse IDE plug-in to the Java development crowd, according to Principal Product Consultant John Walker, who also talks about the Perforce Visual Client (P4V) in this JavaOne 2007 interview.
VX30 General Manager Jon Miller flew in from company headquarters in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, to discuss what it calls its universal video solutions with the thousands of Java developers attending JavaOne 2007. In this interview, he takes us through the company's approach and solutions.
Jep Castelein from Backbase was interviewed at JavaOne 2007, and talked about the company's recent partnership with Kapow as well as other announcements that the company, based in the Netherlands but with new offices in the U.S., has been making.
Teamprise CEO John O'Neill is interviewed at JavaOne 2007. In this discussion, he talks about the Illinois-based company's strategy to enable developers to utilize source control and other aspects of Microsoft Team Foundation Server from within the Eclipse IDE.
Java guru Bill Dudney spoke with Sun's VP of Developer Products and Programs in this interview at JavaOne 2007. The topic at hand was EJB, which has its own special day at JavaOne, and which is growing by leaps and bounds, according to Kaul.
Talend has its roots in France but also has a significant U.S. presence, with offices in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Company VP Yves de Montcheuil took a few minutes to outline where the company is going in this JavaOne 2007 interview.
Ken Krugle, co-founder and CTO of Krugler.com, sat down with Java and open-source guru Bill Dudney at JavaOne 2007 to discuss the latest in enterprise search-driven development, something that Krugle points out in his blog that the company is hacking on 'around the clock.'
Content is king to Xythos VP of Product Management Tom Grant, who talked about the company's focus on content management and related services in this interview from JavaOne 2007. There are now more than 3 million people depending on Xythos to manage and share their document.
Pramati co-founder and CTO Vilay Pullur of Pramati discussed the company's focus on interoperable web services and its approach to simplifying web application development in this interview conducted at the Javaone 2007 show in San Francisco.
Xoetrope co-founder Val Cassidy discussed his view of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and his Ireland-based company leverages XML and Java technology to create software with which the company aims to 'change the Web landscape.'
Kapow Technologies Founder and CEO Stefan Andreasen updates viewers on the latest in Web 2.0 mashups and how the company's mashup server technology is helping to enable what the company believes is a revolution in the way look at and work with the Worldwide Web, in this interview from ...
ICESoft has embraced AJAX as a way to deliver rich client interfaces to Java EE developers. Company CTO Steve Maryka was interviewed at JavaOne 2007 to outline the company's approach and the success it has had with customers.
Scott Morrison, VP/Engineering and Chief Architect at Layer 7 Technologies, discussed the company's vision behind its secured, firewalled XML appliances for SOA and Web 2.0 enterprise IT during this interview at Javaone 2007.
DataSynapse's VP/Marketing Shayne Higdon discussed his company's emphasis on virtualization and what it means for real-time enterprises during this interview at JavaOne 2007. A key to the company's strategy is to enable companies to optimize capacity on demand.
Rod Cope co-founded EJB Solutions in 1998. The company, now known as OpenLogic, devotes itself to maximizing the value of open source, and Cope discussed this topic and how the company works to fulfill its vision during this interview at JavaOne 2007.
The growth of the open-source, lightweight Spring framework continues to have a major impact on the enterprise IT industry. Spring creator Rod Johnson, of Interface21, recently talked about its current state in this interview conducted at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco.
Parasoft's VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, Wayne Ariola, sat down at JavaOne 2007 to talk about the company's software testing tools, and their importance to SOA developers who are embarking on increasingly complex application development projects for enterprise IT.
Enerjy Software CEO Nigel Cheshire was interviewed at JavaOne 2007 about the latest happenings at his company, and he provided some insight as to the current and future direction of the company and what its customers can expect down the road.
Java and Open Source guru Bill Dudney got the chance to interview some key people for SYS-CON.TV during JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco. Here he sits down for a few minutes with Rich Sands of OpenJDK, an open-source Java SE implementation that is part of the Java Community Process (JCP).
Philip Dodds, CTO of the former Simula Labs, newly renamed DevZuz, was interviewed about accelerating product lifecycles for the betterment of the company's customers. Taking an open-source approach to the market, DevZuz aims to offer a single source for client-side tooling as well as ...
Paremus CEO Dr. Richard Nicholson was interviewed at JavaOne 2007 about the company's commitment to distributed SOA runtime platforms. The company's Infiniflow Enterprise Service Fabric comprises a series of lightweight distributed SOA platforms for composite applications.
Rob Rachwald, Director of Product Marketing at Fortify Software, outlines the company's commitment to application security, including a number of potential new problems with the AJAX-centric, Web 2.0 age, in this interview at JavaOne 2007.
Rogue Wave has been around a long time, and has managed to stay in business by staying on the forefront of the industry. In this interview, company VP/Product Development Patrick Leonard talks about the concept of an SOA Service Grid and how Rogue Wave competes in this space.
Ryan English, Group Product Manager at SPI Dynamics, sat down for an interview at JavaOne 2007 to discuss the company's views on web application security and testing. The company's Intelligent Engines and Hybrid Analysis software form a foundation for web app security in enterprise IT.
Javector President Mark Hansen outlined the company's vision in enabling web services and SOA for enterprise IT, with an emphasis on Java EE and Java SE, during this exclusive interview on SYS-CON.TV at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco.
Tidal Software promises a 'radically simple' approach to optimizing SOA. Company exec Martin Milani sat down with SYS-CON.TV to outline the company's vision in this exclusive interview from the show floor at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco.
Integration, data management, and optimizing service delivery are all top-of-mind issues for Pervasive Software. The company's CTO Mike Hoskins discusses its vision and products in this exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview from the show floor at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco.
Toronto-based Microsoft Senior Architect Mohammed Akif sat down with SYS-CON.TV Founder and Host Roger Strukhoff during JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco to discuss how Redmond views interoperability and SOA, and how his role helps enable the company's strategy.
Custom Credit Systems uses an AJAX-y approach to provide end-to-end loan processing services and applications. Company execs Josh Gertzen and Brian Shaw outlined their vision in this exclusive interview at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco.
Appistry tackles the virtualization challenge by creating a 'scale without fail' in its solutions for grid-based enterprise IT structures. Company execs Kevin Haar and Sam Charrington outline the company's vision in an exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview held at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisc...
JNetDirect develops expert software components, with a focus on XML mapping. Company exec Lau Shih Hor sat down for a few minutes during JavaOne 2007 to discuss the company and what it's doing today in this exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview.
Taking the open source approach to business intelligence enables 'BI for everyone,' according to JasperSoft. Company CTO Barry Klawans discusses the company's approach in this exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview, conducted from the show floor at JavaOne 2007 in San Francisco.
GigaSpaces CMO Geva Perry discusses and upcoming product announcement in this exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview from JavaOne 2007. The company offers what it calls 'unparalleled' solutions for applications that need to scale out massively.
Bob Brewin is one of the great ones at Sun Microsystems, having served a number of key roles before landing his current post as CTO of Software. He speaks his mind during this exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview from the show floor at JavaOne 2007.
NaviSite Senior Vice President James Fanella outlines the company's approach to enable Sun ISVs to develop and deploy apps hosted and supported by the Chicago-based company, in this exclusive interview from JavaOne 2007 with SYS-CON.TV Founder and Host Roger Strukhoff.