Archive Interviews

Interview with Peter Zotto by Jeremy Geelan
Turning Content Into Competitive Advantage
John S. Chen is interviewed by both SYS CON TV Special Correspondent John Barry and SYS CON Publisher and Editorial Director Roger Strukhoff.
Hot Banana was started late in the dot-com era, but has had a vision and execution that has enabled it to thrive. Company co-founder Chris Adams describes in this interview how and why the company started, where it's going, and how its latest Hot Banana 5.6 release builds on the compan...
TopQuadrant Chief Scientist Dean Allemang outlined his company's vision behind the semantic web and ontology-based search. This is not the buzzwordesque web of futuristic imaginations, but rather, a very specific idea backed by software tools the company has developed. Listen in to thi...
Spring, the open-source, lightweight web application framework for the Java platform, first written by Rod Johnson in 2002, is under discussion in an exclusive interview with SYS-CON.TV's Roger Strukhoff. Johnson and Neelan Choksi, both of Spring company Interface21, took the call...
Interview with John McMahon, CEO of Extentech Inc.
Interview with Ed Kiraly, Visualization Suite Product Manager, ILOG
Interview with Serge Labourey, CTO, JBoss Division Red Hat
Interview with Simon Phipps, Chief Open Source Officer, Sun Microsystems