LinuxWorld 2005

LinuxWorld 2005
LinuxWorld 2005
LinuxWorld 2005
LinuxWorld 2005
LinuxWorld 2005
Yogini Parkhi
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Gideon Romm
Steve Orenberg
Akmal Khan, founder and president of Levanta, sits down with Roger Strukhoff at LinuxWorld 2005 in San Francisco. The company received a LinuxWorld award for Most Innovative Hardware Solution. Akmal discusses what makes Levanta's solution so innovative, as well as the origin of the com...
Julie Farris, founder and chief strategy officer of Scalix, talks to SYS-CON.TV at LinuxWorld 2005 about winning an award for best messaging solution, the origins of the company, and the types of customers they aim to reach, among other topics.
Derek Rodner of Enterprise Systems Unisys talks to Roger Strukhoff of SYS-CON.TV about security, performance, and the advantages of Linux.
Mark Johnson, senior vice president of Parasoft, talks to SYS-CON.TV's Roger Strukhoff at LinuxWorld 2005, where Parasoft featured all of their products that relate to Linux development. Topics of discussion include the company's announcement of the 6.5 version of C++ Test.
Roger Strukhoff speaks with Mike Ruane, president of Revelation Software, a database development tool company. Topics of discussion include a bit of the company's history as well as their current endeavors, Linux, and software written 'by geeks, for geeks.'
John Roberts, CEO and cofounder of SugarCRM talks to SYS-CON's West Coast Bureau Chief Roger Strukhoff at the LinuxWorld expo in San Francisco. He discusses the company's mission-critical CRM application for sales, marketing, and customer support, and speaks about the company's backgro...
Michael Baum of the San Francisco-based company Splunk sits down with Roger Strukhoff to discuss Splunk's new and different search product, as well as the origins of the company.
EnterpriseDB's Andy Astor and Dennis Lussier speak with Roger Strukhoff about winning a LinuxWorld award for best database solution and about Enterprise DB as well.
Roger Strukhoff speaks with Satish Dharmaraj, founder and CEO of Zimbra, at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco. Satish discusses topics such as the early days of Java development, technology publishing, and open source.
Zev Laderman, CEO of Aduva, sat down with Roger Strukhoff at the LinuxWorld expo to discuss issues such as Aduva's relationship with IBM, Aduva's new product announcement, and what its like to have worked with enterprise Linux customers for so many years.
John Dvorak addresses the question 'Will open source take over the world?' in his SYS-CON.TV interview with Roger Strukhoff. Also discussed are spammers ('the plague of the universe'), among other nefarious topics!
David Burleigh of Valuation Creation Capital interviews Bruce Perens, a long-time spokesperson for open source efforts. Bruce talks to SYS-CON.TV about some announcements and let's the 'elephant out of the closet' regarding the specter of software attacks and what they are going to do ...